A Clear Statement Goes Viral

Two students of the University of Oregon made their own statement about the publicized rape trial in Steubenville, Ohio.

The video gives a clear message about what these students think of the recent sexual assault on women who were drunk.  It has had an overwhelming response and it has gone viral, maybe because of the trial publicity itself or maybe because it tells a story that rapidly turns in to a strong statement.


Lessons in Communicating

donglegate_2Social media has become so ingrained in our day to day that it has become only second to breathing for some. We share what we eat while we’re eating it, and how we feel before we’re done with the experience. It’s like some of us think through social media.

We’ve all had the experience when someone or something upsets you or hits some type of emotional nerve and we feel the need to “share” it. Well, that decision cost a developer her job after she tweeted a picture and a comment about two men who were making sexually suggestive comments regarding computer parts behind her at a computer programming conference.

The debate in social media has now become whether she handled the situation correctly? Did her postings exacerbate the situation? Have we become a civilization that has lost touch with our ability to communicate with each other directly? You be the judge.

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The Women In Social Media

The marketing agency Weber Shandwick gathered data researched from an online survey about social media behavior, It was focused in a segment of major concern for marketers: The women.

It is believed that women influence 85% of purchases decisions.  The survey of 2.000 North American women showed that:

    • Women spend in average 12 hours per week using social media.
    • One quarter of women of social media prefer to socialize online rather than in person.
    • Around 60% “like” or recommend products and services online.

The demographics are different according to social preferences. Find out more here:


Will Pope Francis be Tweeting as Pope Benedict did?


Does this article help or hurt race relations in the City of Brotherly Love

ImageThis month’s Philadelphia Magazine cover reads “Being White in Philly”, by writer-at-large Robert Huber, who claims to have spent several weeks in the Fairmont section of town, on the edge of North Philadelphia, talking to white residents who live in the area about race and class, and the impact on their lives.

The article has been ridiculed in blogs and social media for negatively stereotyping and portraying African Americans.  The editor of Philadelphia Magazine, Tom McGrath, took to twitter to answer questions.   Click here to read the transcript from the Twitter conversation.

I have not read the article, nor do I intend read it until it is made available on-line free of charge.  I think that the sensational and controversial headline’s only purpose is to sell magazines.  I also feel that the Philly Mag editor only took to Twitter as a way of damage control.  In my opinion talking about race is just that, TALK, races need to talk to each other.  My grandmother used to tell me that people typically have more in common than (of difference), but until you walk a mile in their shoes you will never know.  

Philadelphia Magazine hosted a panel discussion called “Can We Talk About Race?” on Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the National Constitution Center.  Philly Magazine’s editor Tom McGrath moderated the discussion, which was followed by a town hall session.  Robert Huber, author of the controversial March cover story “Being White in Philly,” was on the panel.                                                                    

By Duane Glover

If you are a March Madness gambler, Fanbook has you covered


If you are into the NCAA basketball tournament and bracketology, here is a new Social Media application just in time for this year’s March Madness.

Fanhood, a social sports betting application on Facebook, launched its March Madness Brackets application this past week just in time for Selection Sunday – the  announcement of the men’s basketball teams participating in the NCAA tournament this year.

Brandon Ramsey, the CEO and founder of Fanhood says “Fanhood’s March Madness bracket is providing a fun, easy way to enjoy the Tournament with a broader group of friends.”

Get ready – the brackets will be announced in less than 10 minutes!

See more about the Most Social March Madness Brackets by Fanhood here.

Curios Tweet Goes Viral


A month ago Yolanda de Mena, a young Spanish citizen, wrote on her twitter “My boyfriend woke up last night at 4am saying that he had dreamed of a new pope called “Francis I” and today Benedict resigns.” Well yes, February the 11th Benedict XVI just resigned.

That was weird and nobody cared about, however after the new pope was announced, that tweet took a viral turn. Until now it has more than 80.000 retweets, 20.000 favorites. Now Yolanda, who until last month had 100 followers, has over 17.000 of them. There are some people who say that she and her boyfriend made the story, but it is technically impossible to chance a tweet´s date and hour.

Except for the social media reaction, I particularly consider that the whole situation is empty of content and it seems to be another curiosity of human caos, just like Paul the octopus was for the soccer world cup in 2010.

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