ImageThis month’s Philadelphia Magazine cover reads “Being White in Philly”, by writer-at-large Robert Huber, who claims to have spent several weeks in the Fairmont section of town, on the edge of North Philadelphia, talking to white residents who live in the area about race and class, and the impact on their lives.

The article has been ridiculed in blogs and social media for negatively stereotyping and portraying African Americans.  The editor of Philadelphia Magazine, Tom McGrath, took to twitter to answer questions.   Click here to read the transcript from the Twitter conversation.

I have not read the article, nor do I intend read it until it is made available on-line free of charge.  I think that the sensational and controversial headline’s only purpose is to sell magazines.  I also feel that the Philly Mag editor only took to Twitter as a way of damage control.  In my opinion talking about race is just that, TALK, races need to talk to each other.  My grandmother used to tell me that people typically have more in common than (of difference), but until you walk a mile in their shoes you will never know.  

Philadelphia Magazine hosted a panel discussion called “Can We Talk About Race?” on Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the National Constitution Center.  Philly Magazine’s editor Tom McGrath moderated the discussion, which was followed by a town hall session.  Robert Huber, author of the controversial March cover story “Being White in Philly,” was on the panel.                                                                    

By Duane Glover