A month ago Yolanda de Mena, a young Spanish citizen, wrote on her twitter “My boyfriend woke up last night at 4am saying that he had dreamed of a new pope called “Francis I” and today Benedict resigns.” Well yes, February the 11th Benedict XVI just resigned.

That was weird and nobody cared about, however after the new pope was announced, that tweet took a viral turn. Until now it has more than 80.000 retweets, 20.000 favorites. Now Yolanda, who until last month had 100 followers, has over 17.000 of them. There are some people who say that she and her boyfriend made the story, but it is technically impossible to chance a tweet´s date and hour.

Except for the social media reaction, I particularly consider that the whole situation is empty of content and it seems to be another curiosity of human caos, just like Paul the octopus was for the soccer world cup in 2010.