11 billion drawings have been made since the launching of Draw Something App, last year. It is a Pictionary online game to share and guess freehand illustrations. It takes at least two users; they challenge each other to get the highest score. A user can earn some “coins” by guessing what a second user has drawn, and then they switch turns, the person who is drawing might take a suggestion or create his own theme.


There are fascinating statistics about the way that this game has been used as a social media tool. It brought a different way of commenting about social and political situations. For example, there were 11 million drawings of lady gaga, during president election campaign there were 4 times more drawings of the democrat candidate, and even five marriage proposals have been made through this app.

With more than 100 million downloads, its users may have spent collectively 28 thousand years playing. Have you it tried yet? Have fun and be careful with your time you spend playing.

By Diana Hdz