Every year, the stakes get higher for companies to produce an engaging advertisement to air during the Super Bowl commercial breaks.  Millions of dollars are spent and many viewers tune in to view the commercials instead of the actual game–an increasing trend year over year.  With this growing audience, the pressure is on to produce a captivating commercial.

One new trend of commercials for this year’s Super Bowl includes the use of social media.  Coca Cola released a teaser commercial and is allowing viewers to pick the ending.  The commercial, called “Mirage,” shows groups of people racing across a desert towards a giant bottle of Coke.  Viewers are able to vote for which group reaches the bottle of Coke first, and they can also choose to sabotage other teams by voting for different scenarios.  Viewers can use Twitter or log onto CokeChase.com to vote and they are able to see which group is in the lead up until game day.

What makes this tactic so successful is that Coke is leveraging social media outlets that already have a large following of people to get them involved in creating a storyline for a commercial.  This allows people to have a vested interest in the outcome of the commercial and anticipate the results of voting on game day.