A Volkswagen commercial set to air during Sunday’s Super Bowl is being accused of racism.  In the commercial a white man from Minnesota attempts to cheer up a drab office by speaking in a Jamaican accent.  Volkswagen’s theme for the commercial is “Get in.  Get happy”.

Opponents of the add seem to think that it is racially insensitive.  One pop cultural expert said: “It made me uncomfortable” …”I found it offensive.”  I ask the question, whom determines what is racist?  An online poll of NBC’s Today show viewers showed that more than 93% of viewers liked the spot.  Wykeham McNeil, Jamaica’s minister of tourism and entertainment states ”We view it as a compliment, people should get into their inner Jamaica and get happy.

That’s the beauty of social media; everyone has a chance to voice their opinion good, bad, or indifferent.  I personally thought the commercial was entertaining; it put a smile on my face.  I applaud Volkswagen for their creativity.  That’s Fahrvergnügen!