More companies are considering social media training for their employees as the presence of social media in the workplace grows.  As more and more companies adopt social media platforms as their way of connecting with their customers the need to inform their employees on how to uphold the brand is becoming more relevant.  Training and Organizational Development professionals may want to pay attention to this trend as this may become a growing area in your profession in the coming years.  The article also discusses how the market has shifted with the influx of millennials coming into the workplace and expecting social media to be a part of their day to day.

“Millennials are already accustomed to the ease that social media brings to collaborative work; they do group projects via Google Plus, share documents in Google Drive, discuss and debate topics via closed Facebook groups, and search for ways to improve their projects by using relevant Hashtags on Twitter. In other words, Millennials are using these social tools anyway, and forward-looking companies must recognize this and stay ahead of that trend.”

In addition the article suggests some guidelines on how to implement social media training to get you started.

Social Media Training Is Now Mandatory: Five Ways To Make Sure Your Company Does It Right