Last May I had the opportunity to be in the audience at the Academy of Music and listen to Neil Gaiman deliver the commencement address for the University of the Arts. To me, Mr. Gaiman’s speech was truly inspirational – one that not only related to the graduating artists; it was applicable to everyone.

A few hours later the video and talk about the speech was all over Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. My daughter was following Gaiman around the city on Facebook. My nephew in San Diego was part of the community commenting on the speech.

Last week UArts’ monthly enewsletter and The Huffington Post announced that Harper Collins is going to publish a book this May based on Gaiman’s commencement speech – Make Good Art.

I believe that social media was the catalyst for turning this speech into a book. If you have 20 minutes and need some inspiration watch the video here.

Gaiman is an active user of social media with over 1.6 million followers on Twitter. He also runs a tumblr account primarily to answer fans’ questions.

Posted by Carol