Small businesses that want to stay relevant and be leaders in their industries in 2013 must have an active presence in new and social media.  While new media includes video, podcasting, blogging, and mobile media, social media is about the conversations that occur in comments and updates.  Brian Moran is a small business advocate and consultant with a background in publishing at Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Magazine, success Magazine and as the Executive Director of Sales Development at the Wall Street Journal.  Brian shares his thoughts on what small businesses need to know about new and social media in 2013.

  • Small business owners need to stop complaining about having little or no understanding of social media and no time to learn it.  Social media is not a trend but a catalyst in shifting the way that the world chooses to communicate.  Small business owners need to take the necessary time to set a proper foundation for the role that social media will play in their company moving forward.
  • Many small business owners don’t understand how content has changed over the years.  Years ago content was a static monologue.  Today, content is a dynamic dialogue; it’s all about conversations, engagement, and sharing information.  When small business owners share their content using social media, they are entering the conversations that take place in their industry.
  • Small business cannot be afraid to ask their customers how they would like to communicate with the company now and moving forward.
  • Before starting a social media campaign always determine your objectives for the program.  You have to stay focused so your efforts are pointed at the right target.

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