Last week, it was launched the Arches of Hope Project. The initiative is a call to action to remind the HIV/ AIDS impact. In the last 31 years of its discovery, 30 million people have died and 34 million people are currently living with it.


The goal is to reach 2.5 million people with the message. The strategy has three participation cornerstones:

  • The Exhibit: the artist Antonio Pio Saracino built three arches with blocks of different sizes. Sponsored blocks will display messages of hope written by the sponsor in a LED thicker tape. There are blocks of 140, 80 and 45 characters.
  • Jumbo Screens: with #archesofhope users can tweet a message of hope. It will be posted in Tweeter and jumbo screens located in Times Square, like this one.
  • A Petition: for those who support the idea of having a National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness day, there is an online petition to sign. By the end of the campaign it will be sent to President Obama to request its recognition.

A creative campaign designed by non-for profit organizations. It is based in art and social media as instruments to send a powerful message of hope.

By: Diana Hdez