I thought this article was interesting, because I actually think about this a lot. Social Media is one of those things that became part of people’s lives quickly, and it is somewhat difficult to stay away from it. It is good to see that the study found out social media users are being more careful in regards to what they share/post; I believe this is a big improvement as people learn how to use social media effectively. Finally, the article states that “almost a quarter say they have missed out on important moments because they were, ironically, distracted by trying to share those moments on social networks.” This is funny (OK, maybe not…) because recently the bank across the street from my office was robbed, and, as I was sharing the fact on Facebook, I missed the explanation of what had really happened and that we were going to evacuate the building. A coworker, who also had her smartphone in her hands, missed the information as well.

Social Networks: Are They Eroding Our Social Lives? [STUDY]