It’s been a very crazy week in our division. And, so as I scanned the internet for an article to post this week I was inspired by this Brian Solis post on courage and change. In the ODL program, we spend a great deal of time learning about and discussing the qualities of great leadership. This post boils it down to a simple trait: courage. Having the courage to reach beyond your comfort zone to help your organization grasp new ideas; to see things you see that they don’t see; and, I would add to see things others see that you don’t. It’s a process that can be painful…I’ve gone through a lot of ES Excedrin to cope with the impact and domino effect of implementing change. Yet today, I had a truly productive conversation that was borne out of a misunderstanding and lack of communication. It was uncomfortable at first, but ultimately all parties were satisfied. TGIF, fellow students, leadership colleagues and friends. Go forth and be BRAVE!

posted by carolyn