SCHOOLBOOK; For 5-Year-Olds @JensClass, Taking to Twitter

Ms. Jennifer Aaron is a elementary school teacher at Public School 150 in Tribeca New York City. She has brought twitter into the classroom first as a experiment, encouraging the use of technology used by the generation of youth. Three times a week, as the school day ends the class as a whole by creating a 140 character tweet about their day. There are interactive smartboards in the classrooms for the younger youth, and laptops used by the older youth. From the twitter name @MsJenClass the people who follow are parents, relatives and maybe some politicians/celebrities that the students choose. Its away for parents and relatives to have some insight on what the students are doing inside of the classroom from their students. Because Ms. Aaron is teaching at a more advanced school with parents with internet, her following is more compared to her last position as a teacher in the South Bronx. I think this is a great way to share twitter to youth, and allow them to think positive about the social media networks; while also educating parents/relatives on their youths day in school and this new network. I Love this!!

BY: Tiffany Jenkins