My Twitter timeline EXPLODED when news came out that the Android now had the Instagram app available. All I could do was watch the banter go back and forth between the two smartphone users since I’m #teamblackberry. What seemed to be the main complaint, which the article explains, is that the exclusivity of Instagram for only the Iphone had now disappeared. I could somewhat relate because I was late joining the Blackberry world and I LOVED the BBM feature. Once new apps started popping up with the same capabilities for different smartphones, I was insulted! I thought “why don’t you just get a Blackberry?!?!” So I can understand the frustration Iphone users are going through, but Android users are still downloading and loving the app!

The article touches on the idea that people just want to belong and be a part of an “exclusive” group, whether it’s Android or Iphone. Some Iphone users felt that this new development deminished the exclusivity of the Instagram-user group. The author even reads between the lines of some tweets, and shows how the reaction brushes the surface level of discrimination. Read It Here!

Are you #teamiphone or #teamdroid? If you’re #teamiphone, how do you feel about it being available on Androids? If you’re #teamdroid, did you download Instagram? What are your thoughts about the #teamiphone vs #teamdroid Instagram debacle?