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This article discusses how many home appliances will soon have the capability to be controlled wirelessly by smart phones and computers; there is also a video clip in the article, which shows a man using Siri to demonstrate how his iPhone is able to control appliances in his home (check it out!). Needless to say, the concept of being able to control appliances wirelessly through smart phones is genius! I think about all of the times I left my home last winter and forgot to turn down the thermostat before leaving out – if I would have had the capabilty to adjust my thermostat through my smart phone (if I had an electronic thermostat) I would have saved a few bucks! Having the convenience of being able to control appliances via smart phone is incredible – I love being able to set DVR recordings via an Xfinity application that I have on my phone… With every passing year I feel more and more like a “Jetson”.

Submitted by Nyja Burgess