Social Media Vaulted Trayvon Martin Case Into Spotlight

If you have not heard of the Trayvon Martin case by now, just check out Google, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. You will see stories, feeds and articles discussing the case and the injustice and racial tensions involved. As the title says, social media sites have helped to put this case in the national spotlight when it once was only known on the local and regional levels. Social media has become a free method for people all over the nation to petition and express their emotions and opinions in the matter. It is also being used by Trayvon Martin’s family to get people to rally around their horrible plight and get their message out without having to turn to or wait on mainstream news media. While this case is extremely sad and nothing can bring Trayvon back, it is in one way helping to highlight the importance and power of social media and the power that its users can have through it.

Connie Reagin