Banks Slow to Embrace Social Media

This article caught my eye when I browsing the New York Times website. It expressed how Banks were slow to embrace the social media community; How some banks may have had Facebook pages, blogs or even Twitter pages, but how they were not keeping them updated. Banks especially private banks do not see the point of fully joining the social media world when they feel that they are avoiding accusations or any problems that begin with being active in the social media networks. What interested me was how the banks oversea had active social media memberships and was beginning to create a strong connection with their customers. Having the ability to communicate, answer questions, give rewards, have surveys taken and what not, are fulfilling and great when building a relationship. The closed mindedness of private banks are not allowing them to see how this can positively influence their connection with their customers and maybe also gain more customers. When peoples voices are heard and they feel appreciate, greatness typically occurs. I hope my bank soon figures out the benefit of joining the social media networks!

– Tiffany Jenkins