Can Social Media Bring Justice for Trayvon Martin?.

After being educated about another breaking news situation on the Twitter, this young mans name began to pop up on my Timeline often: Trayvon Martin. But understanding that my timeline is filled with sports fanatics, I ignored the hashtags and tweets. Now while looking for my weekly article to update this blog, I finally got a answer to my own question on who Trayvon Martin was. He was a black 17 year old, young boy from Florida, who was murdered/shot by a watch volunteer neighbor in his gated community. George Zimmerman (Caucasian) stated that he was defending himself from this young man, but Trayvon was unarmed; walking with his cellphone, bag of skittles and juice he was shot died. But the local police officers decided not to arrest or charge Zimmerman for his action, because he was a was acting in self-defense and had a good record. Now the FBI and Department of Justice has reopened the case. The people on the social networks have brought attention to this situation through hashtags (#STOPZimmerman & #Justice4Trayvon), by his parents starting a petition for Zimmermans arrest petition; also even celebrities have stepped in retweeted or wrote status on this situation.
To me everyone is innocent til proven guilty. But after deliberately shooting someone that was unarmed, Trayvon and his family deserves to fight this case!

Tiffany Jenkins