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Arizona: Officer Demoted Over Shot-Up Obama Image

1st- Spoke about this Police sergeant who was demoted from his position in Phoenix, Arizona because he posted a bullet-riddled image of President Obama on Facebook. He has been demoted, pay reduced and given administrative work for the time being. As a authority figure there are lines that should not be crossed, no matter what ones own beliefs are they should be kept private. Understanding that everyone does not agree with Obama as president, an authority figure such as some one who was a 25 year veteran should know what’s except able and what is not.

Twitter Death Hoaxes, Alive and Sadly, Well

2nd- Death rumors have been taking place more often on twitter. Starting with “deaths” of “Cher and Chris Brown, Tiger Woods and Keanu Reeves, Jackie Chan and President Obama —” but now Madonna. Understanding that twitter is becoming the place where news breaks first, in the New York area the “death of Madonna” was a threading topic during the same time of Whitney’s death. Although this has happened to some stars that are on twitter and they found funny ways to deal with them; but Madonna has no twitter account, her fans and Gaga fans went back and forth. Although this is away to make stars relevant and see the bases of their fan amount, it definitely is not okay (Especially during the time of a icons death).

Tiffany Jenkins