Yesterday, Philadelphia attempted to break the record for the longest Soul Train at the Philadelphia Art Museum in honor of Don Cornelius who recently passed. The record was set last year in California by some high schoolers and alum with 211 participants, whereas yesterday 327 unofficially boogied down the Soul Train line in Philadelphia…AND I WAS THERE! The tie to this article and social media is the fact that the idea to break the record began on Facebook last week, while an on-air DJ was trying to complete the same task. So after forces were joined, 2100 came out to support the event while 327 participated in the line. Check out the article! In Philadelphia, World Record “Soul Train” Line Finds Groove As Dual Tribute

As one of the supporters I can truly say that I had a blast with my fellow folks of Philadelphia! We came out in unity and we partied like we were family. This was a good way to shine a positive light on the city because we are constantly reminded of how troubled our city is and it was also a chance to recognize two fallen icons, Don Cornelius and Whitney Houston. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it felt great to be a part of history!