According to Youtube marketing expert Greg Jarboe, in an interview with Megan O’Neil of Social Times, internet marketing and using social media are simply not enough for an online marketing campaign. Brands need to step up their game and it should not be too difficult.

The marketing guru believes every brand must incorporate video into their strategy. In addition to the wild success of videos which are not professionally produced, YouTube offers access to their targeted groups, which gives access to an instant  audience. Interestingly, Jarboe notes that the 880 Million (yes, Million) unique (yes, unique) YouTube visitors per month are looking at the popular videos, not just those that are professionally developed. He adds that to maximize online video success, brands should focus on publishing and optimizing, programing and production, and community and social media.

So the opportunity is there, are you taking it? I am looking into ways to provide creative video content at my organization. Are you using video and is it a success?