I found this article to be very interesting because it seems like everyone and I mean everyone is on Facebook; this article focuses on a study of Fake Profiles vs. Real Users on Facebook.  The main point of this article is to inform people of scam artists who are trying to exploit the “friendship” concept and are using Facebook as one of their main platforms to scam people.  This article is very appealing to me because I use Facebook for not only personal use, but also for work and recruitment purposes, so I use it for two completely different things.  On one hand I use it as a method of contact for my personal close friends, to see what everyone is up to in their daily lives.  The other purpose is to contact complete strangers to try to sell them on working for my company.  The main takeaways on this article for me is I will only continue to  engage with people I personally know and trust, but I must continue to build my own personal presence on social media, so when I contact individuals for work, they can find me anywhere on the web.