Super Bowl social media has been epic

What did Indianapolis do to make this Super Bowl different from all the rest? They used social media. While this may not impress some, I think they deserve an award! The city implemented a social media control center to help people with game related activities and questions. How many times do you travel somewhere for an event and get direct access to things like where to park, what to do for free, and much more in one place. That’s the key, in one place. The command center used social media, especially Facebook and Twitter to provide details, answer questions and help people get through the weekend. They essentially monitored posts and tweets to see what people were saying and then responded accordingly. I’m sure we will see this idea used by many other cities for future Super Bowl games and probably for other events like the Olympics. Companies will probably start catching on as well, for instance if they aren’t already, Susan G. Komen may start using a social media command center for their upcoming walks. This basically goes to show how important social media is to people and how, if used properly can set cities/events/companies apart from others.

Blog by Connie Reagin

Article by AJ Colley