Social Media Chronicles Super Bowl XLVI Engagement

This Superbowl was so much more different than the previous ones because there seemed to be less commercials then normal. But that did not stop social media from stepping up and becoming the popular source used during the Superbowl.

This article is about how smart phones were used so much more during the Superbowl. Wither they were used to tweet, facebook, watch the game, or even watch the live-streamed plays on the internet; the ages of people from 18-34 used their smart phones the most, but twice as many men than female anticipated on using their smart phones during the game. But for the other markets that are not recognizing the power of the social media, will be lost suffering because they are not up to date with technology.

I am thinking since the commercials lacked in quality, I am glad something increased because of the Superbowl. Twitter and Facebook should come up with commercials uploading the statuses and comments of the viewers during the Superbowl; allowing the viewers to share their voice and feel like they have a purpose. Bye Bye Commercials, Hello Social Networks :-)!!

By: Tiffany Jenkins