submitted by: Bridget Scanlon

The Super Bowl certainly proved that Twitter is a force to be reckoned with! Reaching an all time sporting event record, in the final minutes of Sunday’s game, Twitter reports users sent tweets at a rate of 10,000 tweets/second. This is incredible, but shocking to me (and probably others) this is not a record. That title is held for the screening of a Japanese screening of a movie, which produced over 25,000 tweets per second.

These numbers are astonishing and really represent the growing use of Twitter as a medium for instant communication. Clearly, the instant communication and spreading of a message can help or hurt any media campaign.

As I am not a Twitter User, I didn’t get to tweet my thoughts to thousands, but I would have said:  “Madonna’s performance fell to #3, after the performance of the Giants (#2) and the great commercials #1.”

What did/would you say about the Super Bowl?