I read this article entitled, “Twitter is not a Media Company”

Twitter is Not a Media company, CEO Says

While I read the entire passage I was a bit confused on the argument of the CEO Dick Costolo. His argument is that twitter is not a media company, although it has the qualities of a media business.  Even though he recognizes that it does traffic content, may be a source of advertisement but  he has to be in denial about his company.

Twitter is known as a social media where people and celebrities communicate, but it also is very important in the advertising world.  Every company that is important has a twitter account, where they keep their clients, and buyers updated on the product they are selling.   So twitter is not just a media company, but it is a key piece of twitter now.  Twitter is all about the media, by having celebrities, famous bloggers, sports players and other types of people in different profession using this network, I think it is close to becoming a media company.

Tiffany Jenkins