Full Article, submitted by Bridget Scanlon

In her article, Mallory Woodrow provides a “down and dirty” approach to integrating social media on a company website. While some of these tips (i.e. including visible social media buttons, allowing sharing/liking, and using analytics) seem like no brainers, many companies are not even taking these steps, including me! Upon doing a review of my own website, these simple tips are not properly implemented AT ALL!! For example, the placement of the social media buttons that we use, is first on my list to address and relocate. I’ll also be looking into placing smaller buttons on each page of the website.

Additionally, Woodrow suggests using other tools, AddThis and ShareThis, to allow web visitors to share information from a website. Implementing these tools seems both easy and essential to spreading the value of information and activities at no cost to the organization. In my Association, like many other organizations, knowledge is power. Therefore, if we can use a current member, consumer or potential consumer to spread our message or lend credence to our value proposition, at no cost, it is truly a no brainer!

Finally, the ability to produce tangible support for implementing social media or any other strategic tools will always be beneficial. Woodrow suggests a tool, SproutSocial, which integrates google analytics with social media traffic to demonstrate any relationships and hopefully success!

I think that these 9 tips provide a nice starting point for any organization looking to truly integrate their website and social media as part of a larger plan.