In the article Successful Social Media: Start The Year Off Right from the Social Steve blog, Steve says: “Social media is an EXTENSION of your marketing. Social media is an EXTENSION of your customer service. Social media is an EXTENSION of your business. So plan and implement accordingly.” Steve suggests a 9 point plan below to use as a guide for planning your social media marketing campaign.

1) Define your target segmentation – who your product/service is aimed at serving and the demographics and psycho-demographics of each segment.
2) State the brand value proposition – the “compelling reason to buy” for the defined target market segments sought.
3) Articulate a position statement (for internal use only).

For ………………. [target customer]
Who ………………. [key qualifier – form]
Our product is a …… [product category]
That provides ……… [key benefit]
Unlike ……………. [main competitor]
Our product ……….. [key point of differentiation]

4) Set goals – what are you attempting to accomplish through the initiative?
5) Define the target audience you want to talk to. This is likely a subset of the target segmentation. Focus on influencers.
6) State the target audience perceptions honestly – whether they are positive, negative, and/or unaware of the brand.
7) Describe want the marketing offering is (promotion, awareness, lead generation, advocacy program, etc.)
8) Have a call to action – what is the next step you want your audience to do – be careful not to sell too quickly and rather do something appropriately in line with the relationship level established.
9) Define message strategy and channels to be used.

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(submitted by Marti McCall)