Does your organization have social media guidelines or policies for it’s employees? It’s important to have a set of organizing principles and policies around social media that set boundaries and rules for your employees to engage with the audience/customers. In this article called Social Media At Your Company – Policies, the writer, Social Steve suggests your company’s policies should cover three types of communication:

1) Employees communicating on behalf of the company.
2) Employees communicating in their own personal social world.
3) Communication about your brand from outsiders.

Connie Reagin, who submitted this comments:
“This blog intrigued me because I am in the HR Department at my job and we are currently working on developing this policy, although I am not directly involved. It is interesting to me that any company has to create a social media policy now because of how popular social media has become. This article was specifically referencing how companies want to control what people say about them on social media and how to control it. This is “funny” to me because I never mention my company on my social media page because I keep my personal and professional lives separate, and because I have no other employees from my company as friends on my account. It’s just funny how companies have to go an extra mile to monitor and “govern” something that was created as recreation for the world.”