What is the number one least asked question in social media? According to Brian Solis in the article What Is The Number One Least Asked Question In Social Media?”, the least asked question in social media is “Why?” Ultimately, when investigating any tools for implementation within a business plan the big questions always relate to WHY?

In his post, The Number One Least Asked Question in Social Media…Why? Brian Solis argues that an organization’s ability to answer why is critical to engagement in the social media world. In my very limited experience with using social media as part of a larger strategic plan, I think the question of why? is always present. But, the ability to answer that question is what organizations lack.

Ultimately, Solis answers the question: Organizations should be present in social media because their consumers want a valuable, authentic, memorable experience where they “are”. But, arguably, organization’s skepticism is not unwarranted. In my organization, like many, the decision to allocate valuable resources to any one tool/strategy requires tangible and predictable measures of success (profitability). Measures available for social media platforms are new to many decision makers and in my organization, new translates very quickly to trendy, ineffective, unmeasurable, frivolous….on and on and on. Solis does not disagree with the conundrum organizations face. However, he asserts that steps must be taken to ensure the message is reaching the appropriate audience through the appropriate medium and only then can an assessment of accuracy be taken. He even provides “The 10 Questions Customers are Asking You in Social Media.” It seems like answering these is a logical first step to developing a plan to integrate the world of social media into an organization.

(submitted by Bridget Scanlon)