What is “HateFurfing?” According to this post called How “Hate Surfing” Can Help Your Small Business, “hatesurfing” is “a term that describes the act of going online specifically to read as many negative comments, blog posts, tweets and messages as possible to generate insights that can help you run your business better.”

LaShaune reflects on this article: “I chose this article simply because of the term “hatesurfing”. I was curious to see what it was about. As I read on, it began to relate to me because I work in a hotel and I’m used to management speaking on all of the negative comments that we get on our website and on TripAdvisor. Even though I’m tired of hearing about how awful our hotel is, I can understand the benefit of management sifting through the comments to try to change things for future guests.”

To find out how to “hatesurf” and to use it to turn around your customer’s opinions about your business click here.

(submitted by LaShaune Lilly)