We talked a little in class last week about how people are using LinkedIn. There’s a terrific post on Social Media Today about how how to formulate a strategy and work plan for LinkedIn. Here is an excerpt from How To Get Business From LinkedIn

What do I want to do with LinkedIn?
Until you can answer this one, don’t go onto LinkedIn! Think about your business, what its marketing strategies are, and how you get your leads. You might choose to use LinkedIn to:

Get more leads
Warm up prospects
Develop relationships with people you meet networking
Keep in touch with old contacts
Demonstrate your expertise in a subject area

Have a LinkedIn strategy
Now that you know why you’re going there, you can create a plan. In your plan consider:

The profile of people you want to attract
What you/ your business is expert in
The type of material you’re prepared to share in order to demonstrate your knowledge
How important this tool is in relation to your overall marketing

Read the full article here.