During our first class, I mentioned how Facebook is fairly new in Brazil, and that my first social media experience was through Orkut. This article called Facebook Finally Beats Orkut In Brazil actually shows how much Facebook became extremely popular in Brazil in 2011. Even though I was already aware of this, it was interesting to see the numbers. One of the reasons I believe contributed for the 192% growth is that Brazilians follow US events, movies, sitcoms, talk shows, music, politics, events, and even weather (etc) on a regular basis. After Facebook allowed brand/celebrity profiles to be created, it quickly spread to Brazil. That is, after watching an episode of Two and a Half Man or a hip hop video clip on TV, most likely there was a “Like Us on Facebook” kind of advertisement, which made people curious about Facebook. In addition, Youtube was probably responsible for many users to create Facebook accounts. Youtube has been very popular in Brazil for many years now. With the possibility of linking accounts and youtube videos showing the blue F, Youtube exposed the Facebook trademark to Brazilians as well.

The article ends with the following question: Do you use Orkut and Facebook? Which do your prefer, and why?
I deleted my Orkut account about a year ago, but I had both active for a while. Orkut was to communicate with my Brazilian friends, and Facebook with my American/English friends. I used two different languages depending on which one I was using. After Brazilians invaded Facebook and me being away from Brazil for so long, my Orkut account was no longer necessary. After all, with so many changes and improvements on Facebook, Orkut is clearly from 2004.

(submitted by Alina Castro)