Shane Burcaw suffers from a rare form of Muscular Distrophy and chooses to deal with his disease through humor. He started a blog called “Laughing at my Nightmare” and is using Twitter in an attempt to get on The Ellen Show.


Pinterest for Small business

sm18The portal MyLife has recently posted an interesting analysis about Pinterest for small business, as a valuable marketing and sales tool. The article is linked to Wasp Bar Code infographic, according to it, while Facebook and Twitter are focused on people, Pinterest is product oriented. Most of its users are part of a strong productive force between 24 and 44 years old, predominantly women.

In Pinterest, users are finding products, ideas and how to´s, it can be even more powerful if used as a portfolio and advertising wrap together. An additional advantage is that businesses can call to action through imagery, such as showing someone installing or using the product, and customers´ life style when having the product. Find out more here.

Facebook Phone???


Mark Zuckerberg, announced on Thursday that they have developed new software for the Android operating system to showcase the social network.

“You’re going to be able to turn your Android phone into a great social phone,” said Zuckerberg.

Facebook home integrates all of the social network’s services into the operating system of Android phones.   After a user downloads Facebook Home to an Android phone, all those services become available from virtually anywhere in the device.

Facebook’s next billion users don’t have smartphones or even the Internet yet, but the Facebook Phone could change that.  Through savvy carrier deals, subsidized handsets, and free limited data access, Facebook could ensure emerging markets come online with friend requests as their first experience.  That could turn populations in southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America into Facebook users for life.

By Duane Glover

Kevin Ware’s devastating leg break

On Sunday, Louisville’s Kevin Ware was said to have suffered one of the most gruesome sports related injuries. Kevin broke his leg in two places while trying to block a shot. Kevin’s bone was sticking out of his leg six inches, and it was broadcasted on live television. Immediately social media was a buzz. Within minutes people posted the footage to you tube and commented via other social media networks. There were even hash tags created to extend thoughts and prayers to the injured player.








Joelle Mitchell

Hashtags: The Marketing Tool Small Businesses Are Overlooking

Most of the big social media platforms now support the use of Hashtags; Facebook being the latest, so businesses are being urged to pay attention and start to utilize them as well. Hashtags are prominent with big companies that have large marketing campaigns, but not as popular with smaller businesses.

Forbes reports that they have found through a survey done by RadiumOne that 58 percent of respondents use Hashtags regularly and even more utilize the hashtag from their mobile devices. Reasons for businesses to pay attention other than Hashtags currently being the “it” thing, are because they could use them for promotions, unification, conversations, targeting, and innovation.  These are the workings of any good marketing campaign.

Read more to see why your business should be paying attention to #HASHTAGS

All aboard book-loving train commuters: Check out the virtual library at Suburban Station.


Septa and the Free Library of Philadelphia launched a virtual library at Suburban Station Philadelphia this week. This collaboration is believed to be the first virtual library in a train station in the nation. Classics, bestsellers, and podcasts are available for download. Library folks and billboards explain how to access the virtual library. Check out the story here.

An added bonus: to promote National Library Week Septa and sponsors are having a giveaway. Submit the titles of books you are currently reading to Septa’s Facebook page and the Free Library’s Twitter feed at #enrichyourride. Send your titles by April 16 for a chance to win prizes, including a monthly transit pass. Check out the Free Library’s blog for more information.

Submitted by Carol

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